The 6989 "Wightwick Hall" Restoration Group
Dedicated to putting 6989 back in steam.

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Oxford 1st July 1961. Copyright 6989 Restoration Group.
Friends of 6989 "Wightwick Hall"

For a minimum contribution of £5 a month you can become a 'Friend of 6989 Wightwick Hall'. You will receive regular newsletters to keep you up-to-date with the operation of the loco and an invitation to an Annual 6989 Open Day. To join  please:
Pick up a leaflet in the Visitor Centre at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.
Write to Chris Tayler at: Hon Treasurer 6989 Group, Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Station Road, Quainton, Aylesbury, Bucks,     HP22 4BY.
email Chris on


THE SALES COACH: Suspended until further notice due to Covid 19 restrictions.
The sales team works from a mark 2 coach body placed outside our restoration shed. We sell a mixture of new and second hand goods plus craft items donated by our supporters as well as a number of second hand railway books. We try to specialise in children’s toys and second hand tools. If you can help in either of these areas, especially with tools, all donations are welcome. Please contact Chris Tayler as above. As with all groups we are short of volunteers to man the shop and would welcome assistance in this area. If you could spare a few hours on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, please contact Chris on the above email address.


Refurbishment of the tender, replacement of springs and procurement of running spares will cost more than our currently available funds so progress on this will be directly determined by the funds we can raise. Any donations will shorten the time we will take to complete the work and will of course be very welcome. Donations should be made out to QRS Ltd (6989 Group) and sent to Mr C Tayler, Treasurer 6989 Group, Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Station Road, Quainton, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP22 4BY.  


Swindon Works 28th May 1961. 6989 alongside Caxton Hall. Copyright Photo FG Steinle, reproduced kind permission Peter Sedge.


Leamington Spa with a holiday special. Copyright Photo RJ Blenkinsop.


From Pen and Sword book Biography of British Train Travel by Don Benn. Reproduced with kind permission of Don Benn. Copyright Don Benn.


Location and date unknown. Photo Anon.